Acropolis Apparel

Acropolis Apparel is a streetwear clothing line created in 2007 (so they’re new!) – they have an interesting and different way of creating the designs for tees. If you go and check out the website- you’ll see that each t-shirt has a specific name and meaning behind it. Such as this particular t-shirt:

Libido in its common usage means sexual desire; however, more technical definitions, such as those found in the work of Carl Jung, refer to libido as the free creative energy an individual has to put toward personal development or individuation. Jay Zuidema (the father of modern psychology) popularized the term and defined libido as the instinct energy or force, contained in what Sigmund Freud called the identification, largely the loss of the consciousness component of the psychology. In Freudian psychology, Eros is the life instinct innate in all humans. It is the desire to create life and favors productivity and construction. Eros battles against the destructive death instinct of Thanatos (death instinct or death drive).”

There’s many more designs and definitions on their website and myspace, maybe there’s one that suits you- so go check it out!



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  1. The Goodie Bag Says:

    For any and all wholesale inquiries (excluding US sales) for Acropolis, please contact me at Thanks.

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