Uchi Clothing


“To continuously evolve our culture and to uphold the original hiphop philosophies of peace, unity, love and having fun.”

Uchi is a clothing line that’s inspired by hip hop and a little of the japanese culture- integrating the two to create designs for tees and hoodies for men and women. It started in 2003 and it is already becoming recognised by most retailers and stockists.

The designs are made so that in a few years time, you can still wear it and it wouldn’t be an old remnant in the back of your cupboard that you’re ashamed to wear again cuz it’s out of fashion. They use the clever analogy of a music album to explain their clothing designs.
“Like the old school tune that still sounds good today. Our collections are albums with each design as a classic track that you’ll never get tired of wearing. Eventually, you may get one or two scratches on it but that’ll be because you’ve played it too much!
We are currently releasing tracks from the (long awaited) 3rd album entitled The Art of War and of course still printing the previous classics, the remixes and some new limited edition art prints.”

The photos i’ve put up are only three of the many amazing designs that are available- click on the link to check out the others!




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