April 77 is actually one of my personal bestest favouritest clothing line. Their clothes are amazing- which makes it worse because they’re only available in Paris…yeahhhh. But I think everyone should still take a look because the way they set up the outfits and the style they have could inspire a lot of people. They also stock for men!

The people behind April77 have actually put up a mini profile of themselves on their site- their crazy personalities basically jump out of those profiles!
Unfortunately I can’t write a lot on this clothing line because I don’t know too much about them. But I do know that they’ve recently set up a shop in Paris- so for those of you who are in Paris or going there soon- that’s one shop you gotta check out. OH and let me know what it’s like mmkay!?




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2 Responses to “April77”

  1. charmaine Says:

    sup sup. I am going to Paris in November so i will check it out for you and tell you how it is. may even buy you a little souvenir from the store 😛

  2. seb Says:

    QUOTE : “they’re only available in Paris…”
    not at all ! we’re sold in about 500 shops worldwide, so there may be one near your place, where are you from ?
    drop me an email for further infos!

    seb / APRIL77

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