I gotta let everyone know about Boski- a streetwear label that’s currently being stocked in various stores in the eastern states (there’s a list on his myspace).
I had the chance to ask Nick a few serious questions- also a few random ones- so you guys could get to know more about him and his label.

It all started in Melbourne in 2004 where Nick Mahoney, the director and designer behind Boski, hand printed some t-shirts. Now he’s created great designs for long sleve shirts, vees, sweats and hoodies/jackets. His designs are inspired by the other ‘rad ozzy designers and artists! Mates and chicks, not working for the man, music, booze n shoes’.

Before Nick started up Boski, he was in high school and working for his parent’s café. Having no experience with business or designing did make it difficult for him to start but there were many people that helped him along. His advice for people who want to start out in the clothing business is to ‘Create something unique’- He believes there’s so much of the same out there.

I also asked some non-business random questions which he was nice enough to answer very honestly!
What song have you been listening to most in the last few weeks?
Paper Planes – M.I.A

Do you have a secret nickname for your car?
Huey Lewis

Has having a popular clothing line helped you with picking up girls?
Shit yeah!

So click on the links and support an awesome guy with yummy designs- another big plus for Australian Designers!




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One Response to “Boski”

  1. hedda from sweden Says:

    awesome designs! should sell them up north of the world!;)

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