Crystal Castles


This Canadian duo is one of my personal favourite music makers because of their many remixes. Crystal Castles is made up of Ethan Kath – who plays many different instruments – and Alice Glass – who is the vocalist – and they create experimental electronic sounds.

Their first song was recorded in 2005 accidentally by Alice Glass as she was test recording some vocals to be mixed with Ethan’s instrumental sounds. It was labelled “Alice Practice” and leaked into the public through myspace where record producers heard it. Since then they have been gaining many fans around the world and have toured around UK, US and Europe- still waiting till they announce a tour in Australia.

Their awesome remixes include:
(My favourite) Klaxons- Atlantis to Interzone
Sohodolls- Trash The Rental
GoodBooks- Leni
The Little Ones- Lovers Who Uncover
(Another Favourite) Uffie- Pop the Glock *called Make It Hott*
HEALTH- Crimewave
Comic Book Fever- Cry Babies
Liars- It Fit When I Was A Kid
The Whip- Divebomb

They are recording their first self titled full length album to be released in March 2008.

UPDATED: Such a shame about their apparent attitude *see link in comments*. Still love their remixes though!!




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3 Responses to “Crystal Castles”

  1. someone Says:

  2. cameron Says:

    what does that link have to do with the band’s attitude? an artist is arguing with the band’s manager while the band is away on tour. let’s all blame the band.

    • hot-generation Says:

      personally I agree with this- When they came to Perth we saw them live and my friends even managed to meet them afterwards and no one complained of any attitude. In fact they said the two of them were pleasant!

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