Superfast Ferries

Well after a long day at work what I love most is just relaxing for 10 minutes listening to awesome music while my body winds down. Right now what I’m listening to is Superfast Ferries and it seems to make me do the opposite- I don’t wanna wind down, I wanna get up and just do some crazy dancing! Now with the help of their friend Andrea, I’ve learnt a bit more about these kids.

Once upon a November, late 2006, three bored teenagers created music just to pass the time. While they were younger, they absorbed the music that their older siblings listened to- “distorted bass, frenetic synth, deafening beat, electronic drums”. Combine that with punk influences and 80’s melodies, you get the sounds and music that Superfast Ferries creates.

At first there were no lyrics to go with their music, but as they progressed, they included lyrics and eventually began to perform live with neon colours, fluorescent synth and strobe lights. The aim of their music – make people dance and not think of others and what they think. I can safely say that they’ve done just that with me- as I currently dance around my room.

They now have an EP out which is to be named soon enough and it has three songs. It’s going to be available on iTunes around March 15 from HKM records. I suggest give them a bit of a listen on their myspace!




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3 Responses to “Superfast Ferries”

  1. sertop Says:

    They are very good, thanks for the intro to them!

  2. SKS Says:…new sound!

  3. carlos Says:

    hi ! niceband I´ve been searching for their songs and i just could found one(gamboy the beat),it will be very a preciated if you could tell me where i can find theirs songs!! thanks

    sorry for the bad english!

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