Married to the Mob


Married to the Mob is a New York clothing line that was designed by Leah to provide women with great looking street-wear clothes. I mean there are a lot of street clothes for guys out there- great designs on hoodies and tops- but not enough for girls! MOB stands for Most Official Bitches which is meant to show of the no-nonsense New York attitude.

If you live in America- you guys are lucky. If you don’t- then take a look at the website and keep up with their blog because their clothes are cute with attitude. In their Spring 08 collection, they got Uffie to model their clothes and was photographed by the awesome photographer The Cobra Snake. Uffie is the perfect model to show off these amazing clothes because Uffie her self is cute but definately full of attitude- if you have listened to her music, you could agree!




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2 Responses to “Married to the Mob”

  1. siehdah Says:

    omg …i ve been looking for the teal jsacket everywhere thats in the second picture on here…please let me kno how i can get it pleaseeee!!!

  2. Gary Arctic Says:

    Your site ranks really high in google australia, just thought i’de comment and say greetings from down under

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