Coco Chanel Phone

Coco Chanel has created a new phone called Choco. I have to say it looks so HOT! The technology behind it is amazing- and did I mention it looks HOT!


How it works is that there are two glass parts and as the phone is opened, an optical fiber system lights up the phone. Using this, the phone lights up well and the phone is kept as light as possible in weight. The phone is square but by pushing around the parts, it opens up so there are the basic number pad and navigation keys.



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8 Responses to “Coco Chanel Phone”

  1. Ip address info Says:

    It looks like more of a mock up of a design concept, but if they came out with an actual phone like that, it would be freakin awesome. I’d sport it and I’m a dude.

  2. Diana Truta Says:

    from where i can buy one of this phones..i am from romania and i can;t find a site with prices..or where i can find romania we canot find chanel phone..:(pls help

  3. I want it!!! Says:

    When will it be available for the public??

  4. Sara Says:

    It look very nice ….from where i can buy one of this phones??.. i am from United Arab Emirats (UAE) amd i want to know the prices..?..
    Thnx.. 🙂 Pls Hlep .. !!!

  5. coco chanel Says:

    Where can i get this phone?????? It doesnt say wer u can get it and how much anywhere????

  6. hot-generation Says:

    Hey everyone
    Just letting you all know that this is still currently a concept- it hasn’t actually been created or been made available to the public.

  7. chubchub36 Says:

    when will this be on sale for the public?

    • hot-generation Says:

      This won’t be on sale it’s just a prototype and a concept design- it might not even be made into a real phone let alone sold for retail. sorryyyyyy
      if it did i’m sure it’d sell out more than the iphone x

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